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Hacks to Earn DR90+ Backlinks

Finally, discover the well-kept industry secrets to earn DR90+ backlinks – no more wandering and searching for HOW.

Strategies for Creative Ideas

Explore all the methods we use to generate successful ideas. From finding inspiration to mastering technical complications— learn to boost your creative juice!

Step-by-step Guide to Creating Linkable Assets

Learn the secret of crafting content that journalists can't resist linking to! We'll walk you through the complete step-by-step process.

Ways to Generate Effective Leads

Find the right places to go, learn the shortcuts of effective sorting, and follow a proven process to gather emails of relevant journalists. Don’t worry, we’ll cover everything!

Ready-to-use Email Templates

Get the same template we used to crack deals with these high-profile journalists.

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Learn Proven Strategies to Earn DR90+ Editorial Backlinks for FREE in

Is Your Business Healthy?

Well, SEO is constantly changing, and if your business is something that depends on Google or Bing’s algorithm, you need to adapt. Otherwise, your business will not stay healthy as it is now.

Historically, this has always been the case. With each update, Google has penalized various websites. Not too long ago, even websites such as Majestic SEO and many prominent sites nowadays were penalized for link-farming.

So, are you sure your strategy is keeping up with time? That, too, by keeping you safe?

Digital PR campaigns are such a fruitful strategy that is not only the most effective, result-driven, and powerful but also it’s the safest option you can go for right now.

Backlinks earned from these high-valued campaign increases your organic traffic, dominate high-converting keywords, and boost sales to the moon. So, to make your business truly healthy, you need to opt for strategies that are both effective and safest of all. By that, we mean, Digital PR strategies.

Now, this webinar is not for you to decide if you want to do Digital PR.

Register only if you want to know HOW to do it.

Sujan Sarkar
Co-founder, OneLittleWeb

Meet Your Instructor

Sujan Sarkar

Bringing over a decade of experience in revenue-focused SEO and digital marketing.

Mr. Sujan is a highly trusted figure in the industry. He’s known for his growth strategies, SEO expertise, and content marketing skills, all combined with top-notch link-building services.

As a co-founder of OneLittleWeb, he leads a team of 65+ experts, aiding SaaS companies and Enterprises in boosting their organic traffic. Specifically, he and his team have crafted over 25,000 backlinks for 800+ clients, resulting in over 1 billion in traffic.

His latest skill-vamp? Incorporating Digital PR tactics into SEO, which he calls a ‘game-changer.’ And rightfully so – earning multiple DR90+ backlinks from single campaigns and cracking the code of renowned sites like Forbes, TechCrunch, and MSN isn’t an everyday feat. Yet, earning these digital PR backlinks organically is the new normal for him.

Well, SEO? It is definitely not slow when you have him on your side.

Turning out multi-7-figure companies seems like a walk in the park for individuals like Sujan. The OneLittleWeb team stands tall, ready to astound you with their mind-boggling Digital PR strategies.

Talking about proofs…

Here we go

Proven Results

Editorial Backlinks- 44+
Domain Rating- 0 to 24 within 10 days
Monthly Organic Traffic- 0 to 113k+ in less than 90 days
Keywords- 7k+

Editorial Backlinks- 40+
New Ranked Keywords- 47k+ in two weeks
Total Traffic- 17% growth in two weeks
Organic Traffic- 30k+ in two weeks

Editorial Backlinks- 29+
Domain Rating- 0 to 22
Median DR or Ref. Domains- 76
Median Traffic of Ref. Domains- 2.5m+

Anonymus (Can’t help: NDA sucks)

Editorial Backlink: 12+
Organic Traffic: 143k+/m (300k+/m – 443k+/m)
New Ranked Keywords: 199k+
Organic Growth: 12.36%
New Impressions: 1M+

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Our Proven PR Strategies in Action​

Real-world results speak for themselves. Check out our case studies to see how our PR backlink campaign has helped SaaS companies increase their organic traffic and improve their search engine rankings.

PR Link-Building: Infographic Campaign Earns Links from TechCrunch, PCmag, MSN, and TheWeek
Our PR Backlink campaign landed on Forbes, Yahoo, NBC, and 40+ top media outlets!

PR Link-Building: Infographic Campaign Earns Links from TechCrunch, PCmag, MSN, and TheWeek

Earned Backlinks

40+ mentions on top publications

Top Publishers

TechCrunch, PCmag, MSN, and The Week


0 to ~30k/m organic traffic in 3 months!

Our PR Backlink campaign landed on Forbes, Yahoo, NBC, and 40+ top media outlets!

Earned Backlinks

40+ mentions on top publications

Top Publishers

Forbes, Yahoo, MSN, NBC, Nine, Cleveland


30k+ organic traffic increased in weeks!



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