PR Link-Building: 20+ Editorial Backlinks Earned for Our Travel Blog Client

Earned backlinks

20+ Editorial Backlinks

Top publishers

MSN, Yahoo, Mirror, and Daily Star


20+ high quality backlinks

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Our valued client operates a personal travel blog, weaving together captivating narratives from their global adventures. It’s a lot more than just a collection of stories, serving as a beacon of activism, inspiring readers with insightful travel tips, and fostering a deep connection with the essence of exploration.


Personal Travel Blog


Being one of the best Travel Blogs around the world, our client already had a high DR (60+) and high traffic (200k+) on their website. But no matter how big a site is, you can never get tired of link-building. With over 1k+ pages on their sites, they rank for 60k+ keywords. Many of which are on the 2nd or 3rd pages. As a result, they were getting less traffic than they rightfully deserved.

Here is what they wanted:

  • Getting featured on the world’s top media sites to increase influence.
  • Injecting due SEO authority to bring those 2nd and 3rd-page results on the 1st page.
  • Diversify link profiles with a mix of do-follow and no-follow links from the world’s top media publishers.

To be successful in their key SEO objectives, we suggested to our client the best SEO tactics of current time.

Provided Service

DR90+ PR Backlinks

Campaign Plan

Embracing a Content-led PR link-building strategy for all our digital PR campaigns has become our go-to option. First, our team prepared a content idea that would make the journalists link to it while keeping the originality and relevance of the blog itself. In this case, this content explored the topic “Most Popular Beaches in USA.”

Teams responsible for the campaign

Data Analysts
Content Writers
Outreach Specialists
Sourced and analyzed data from authentic sources.
Based on the results derived from the data, they crafted compelling content.
Thought and implemented a way to present data in an appealing way.
Listed down relevant journalists and crafted tailored pitches to present how our report is providing them value.


August, 2023 – September, 2023

PR Content

Utilizing Instagram data analysis, we curated a report highlighting the Most Popular Beaches in the USA for 2023. (The title of the content was different, a more catchy one.)

Because of the NDA, we can only share the screenshots… Here is the chart that shows the most popular beaches in the USA for 2023.

Chart 1: Most Popular Beaches in the USA 2023

The data we collected let us create another infographic. Here is the chart of the most popular cities in the USA for 2023.

Chart 2: Most Popular Cities in the USA 2023


  • Instagram Hashtag Analysis (Numbers):
    • Utilized Instagram data to identify popular USA beaches, compiling a list and collecting posts with beach-specific hashtags.
  • Beach Area Size Analysis:
    • Gathered beach area size data from public sources, calculating popularity by dividing beach-specific Instagram hashtags by area in meters.
  • Hashtag Density Analysis:
    • Determined hashtag density (hashtags per meter) to assess Instagram popularity, offering insights into social media appeal and user popularity.


Our outreach specialists listed the relevant journalists and sent tailored pitches to them containing a sneak peek of the content we crafted. Here, we didn’t ask for backlinks. Rather, we showed how our content is filling a content gap in their industry. With this, the results started to flow within the next 7–10 days.


Total Backlinks Secured
0 +
DR90+ Backlinks
DR80+ Backlinks
DR70+ Backlinks

Prominent Backlinks

Special Note

Experts have marked the latest Helpful Content Update as the worst after Google’s Penguin Update. Specially blog sites in popular niches are getting affected. But our client, on the other hand, even at this time, is having a growth in overall traffic!

Even though they lost 830 and 731 keywords from the top two countries (US and Philippines) based on audience, they have a total 18.3K+ traffic increase.

They lost ranking for 2.3k+ keywords overall but the traffic? It rose by 12.4k+/m! How is this possible?

I’m breaking this to you.

Look, our client is ranking for new 174 keywords in the top 3 now.

Research says the top 3 positions in SERPs take more than 60% of traffic. The equation is clear—when you rank in the top 3 for more keywords, you’ll get a huge traffic increase!

With the help of our PR backlinks, they boosted authority to rank for low-hanging keywords, and this is how they managed to maintain positive results when others experienced a terrible loss of traffic.

Ending Note

This represents our unique journey with a travel blog client who opted for anonymity.

They are at only 12.4k+/m traffic growth, but this is only the beginning. They managed to tackle the probable negative effects of Google’s Update with the power of link authority driven by our DR90+ PR Backlinks.

So what’s your takeaway from this case study? In SEO, you can never get tired of link-building!

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