43+ PR Backlinks Including New York Post, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo Making YMYL Niche Client Dominate SEO During HCU

Blue Horizon Blood Test Case Study

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Yahoo, MSN, New York Post, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo


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Our client, Light House Dental Center, is a modern dental practice striving to bring the best out of every smile through top-notch care. Based in Langley, Canada, they are committed to delivering exceptional dental care by combining modern, world-class technology with the expertise of their expert dentists. With a core focus on client experience, they looked to build trust and boost their reputation, so fearful patients can finally receive the 5-star treatment they deserve.

Dental Care

DR90+ PR Backlinks

September, 2023 – October, 2023


Light House Dental Center wanted to erase fears and misconceptions about dental clinic. Well, from a business perspective, their focus was mostly on branding!

With their website though, these are the EXACT goals they had:

  • Emphasize and enhance the existing, growing SEO for Light House Dental Center.
  • Increase the E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) profile, particularly because they were in the Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) niche.
  • Boost organic traffic, generate leads, and increase revenue.
  • Secure features in the world’s top publications to establish trustworthiness for offline customers.


But to achieve all of the objectives, there were some concerns we needed to address.

Here they are:

  • A young website with little SEO focus meant ranking against established clinics was an uphill battle.
  • As a YMYL website, meeting Google’s strict E-E-A-T standards posed a major challenge.
  • Concerns about Helpful Content Update (HCU) and a weak E-E-A-T profile. (DR 13)

Campaign Plan

Our goal was securing DR90+ backlinks to strengthen Light House Dental’s reputation and reach. We knew powerful media placements would build offline consumer trust while benefiting hugely in SEO. That’s why a Content-led PR strategy was the natural choice. 

PR Content

With Light House’s dental expertise, health-focused content was a natural fit. Our proven concept of “Healthiest States Ranking” has already secured 20+ backlinks for past clients.

So, we knew it was perfect for showcasing their authority as this concept also aligns with their industry. We went for this exact title, “Unveiling the Healthiest States Index of The USA 2023” Led by our data analysts, we pulled the latest statistics from a highly reliable source, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) across 13 factors for 50 states in the USA, including:

  • Obesity Rates
  • Adult Sleep Duration
  • Vegetable Consumption Frequency
  • Heart Disease & Cancer Prevalence
  • Tooth Loss Percentages

Then we assigned scores for each factor, calculated the total score, and ranked 50 states from healthiest to least healthiest. This provided the ideal angle for media interest while aligning with the client’s dental focus.

With this data in hand, our content writing team crafted an exceptional and attractive content.

The result was an engaging, data-driven analysis no publisher could resist covering. Securing related backlinks would be a breeze, thanks to the proven formula.

With such a strategic asset at the core, our subsequent outreach and PR efforts were poised for success.

Take a look at the content

Special Feature

To maximize relevancy and authority regarding dentistry, the report featured a special section that spotlighted the latest dental research on oral health’s correlation with overall wellness.

We further supported these insights with reputable references from authentic data sources mentioned before, like the CDC. While not directly contributing to link acquisition, this strategic custom addition spoke directly to dental patients – Light House’s key target audience.

By addressing common patient concerns through an authoritative lens, this key section would uniquely establish Light House Dental’s expertise.

This would subsequently help convert more traffic into local clients too!


To spotlight key data while boosting appeal and comprehension, we developed both static and animated video infographics.

Visualizing complex health statistics through dynamic graphics ensured bite-sized digestibility for all readers and learning styles.

This innovative multi-format approach brought dull numbers to life. Striking colors, diagrams, maps, and icons synthesized 50+ pages of dry CDC tables into an easily scannable snapshot. Paired with the explainer video journeying through the #1 to #10 ranked states, the infographics perfectly balanced art and science.

The end result not only spotlighted Light House’s expansive research, but did so through visual storytelling that intrigued audiences instead of overwhelming them.

The piece was now universally engaging – an interactive page-turner for the most disinterested scroller to the scrutinizing health scholar.


Content was only half the equation – outreach was essential for high-quality placements. Our outreach team researched the perfect media targets, pinpointing health and lifestyle journalists receptive to our premise based on past features.

Pitch emails were meticulously personalized for every single recipient, establishing relevancy by linking our state health rankings to related previous articles they authored.

This surgical outreach precision gave our angles salience amidst publishers’ noisy inboxes. Following keen research with tailored customization set our emails apart as an exclusive news tip, not tiresome spam.



Total Backlinks Secured
DR90+ Backlinks
DR80+ Backlinks
DR70+ Backlinks

Prominent Backlinks

Domain Rating (DR)
Total Traffic

Special Note

As of December 7th 2023, Light House Dental’s strategy has fueled exponential growth in traffic.

Monthly organic traffic has skyrocketed to 56.6K+ – a 135% increase since September 1st.

High-profile media features on globally recognized sites like Buzzfeed, Yahoo News, and The New York Post accelerated growth in authority. These premium publishers helped rocket domain ratings up five points in just over one month – from 13 to 18!

Now, about the quality of the links we secured…

Check out the domains marked as ‘New’.

Light House Dental invested a lot to get their name on different directories as a service provider. Among 220 domains, 5 domains from the 43+ links we managed to secure ranks in the top 10 for their lifetime backlinks!

And none of our links are from directories. All of them are natural, editorial backlinks from highly authoritative sites.

Despite YMYL sites across the SERPs suffering from the brutal Helpful Content Update, Light House Dental is defying the odds. While competitors lose rankings, their exponential traffic growth proves a strengthened E-E-A-T profile.

Continued deposits into this high-authority link bank since launching in late September 26th till the end of October fueled success even in the most volatile times.

Ending Note

This case study highlights the immense influence of advanced PR strategies – especially for volatile YMYL niches. Despite Google cracks down hampering sites worldwide, tailored content assets and high-authority placements fueled Light House Dental’s undeterred growth.

Their dominance demonstrates how catering to the needs of users and algorithms alike breeds success. When search engines reward sites optimized for value, ratings rise in tandem with visitor satisfaction.

For dental practices and alike, investing in SEO is non-negotiable and backlinks are the engine driving results. But not just any links – with Google emphasizing quality signals like E-E-A-T, only strategic editorials from premium publishers move the needle.

That’s why our data-led PR approach consistently accelerates rank and traffic regardless of niche or update. Targeted yet creative campaigns begin with the end in mind – crafting the assets for garnering tier-one media coverage.

The outcomes speak for themselves. As our client is experiencing more clients than ever, wanting a spot in their five-star treatment that brings more smiling face than ever before!

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