PR Campaign Case Study: 143k+ New SEO Traffic in < 30 Days!

Earned backlinks

12+ Editorial backlinks

Top publishers

Livable, CTV News, The Globe and Mail, Vancouver City News, Daily Hive


143k+ new seo traffic in less than 30 days

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Our latest Digital PR campaign earned our client (Anonymus, NDA sucks) 12 editorial backlinks, including fancy coverage in top Canadian media outlets like Livable, CTV News, Daily Hive, etc.!

Brace yourself for this thrilling success story as you learn the exciting details of our targeted Digital PR approach.

Client Overview:

Our client, a local personal finance blog, had over 300k monthly organic traffic. With a strong pool of backlinks, high authority, and exciting content marketing, this blog was loved by its target audience. And with Digital PR, they simply sought to step up the gear for more.


Our client aimed for the prize – besides brand mentions of highly authoritative publishers, they also wanted visible SEO success. With our Digital PR campaign, they wanted to—

  1. Increase brand awareness in Canada.
  2. Boost organic traffic from the Canadian audience.
  3. Grab a valued 1st-page spot on SERP for highly competitive keywords.


What could be done?

Our quick audit discovered a treasure of top-notch content that targeted mid-high competition keywords. However, Google did not rank them higher than SERP’s 3rd/4th pages.

The pieces were there but needed the right push to claim their rightful spot on Google search results.

Yes, we knew exactly what to do. And that’s why we suggested going all in with our Digital PR backlink service.

PR Campaign Overview

Number of campaigns: 01
Niche: Finance Blog
Service: Digital PR backlinks
Duration: 6 weeks

Executing Digital PR Campaign

When executing the campaign, our goal was clear and simple—A quick result in a targeted niche, backlinks from high DR sites, and increased brand awareness throughout Canada.

We followed these steps to achieve this Digital PR campaign success:

1. Ideation and Topic Validation:

In this phase, we researched to decide a high quality, link-worthy content that can pick interest from top publishers in Canada. Of course, we kept the content relevancy in check to align with the blog’s brand value.

We had to serve both ways, seeking prominence with effective execution. And it was not easy.

After rigorous research and brainstorming, our content marketing wizards showed magic.

We calculated what content would captivate Canadian journalists in similar fields and compel them to give backlinks.

Finally, we found an idea! We wrote on “The 10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Canada”.

How we delved into research in executing this content is more exciting than the idea itself!

So, don’t stop reading what awaits you!

2. Crafting Link-Worthy Content:

Decoding the strategy:

After we fixed a plan, we started our content crafting journey, and the key step here was research. Before diving into our research process, let’s see what values we planned to provide the readers and publishers.

We decided on two sets of information or research falling under the highly-valued content category.

  1. Top 10 Affordable Places in Canada.
  2. Top 10 Cheapest and Expensive Cities in Canada.

We merged them both into a single content to make it more appealing.

Source of Data:

Now, to come up with extensive analysis, we required data.

And where to find them?

When sourcing our data, we kept these in mind:

  • The overall strategy of the campaign.
  • Authenticity and trustworthiness of the source.
  • Time-relevant information.

For ‘Places,’ we analyzed data from provinces sourced from government websites.

For ‘Cities,’ we set New York as the optimum affordable city. Then in comparison to that, we prepared our metric—Affordability Index.

From Data to Content: We scrapped the Annual income and expense data from trustworthy Canadian government sources. The data included—

  • Median After-Tax Income
  • Annual Household Spending (Excluding Investment and Government Spending)


We calculated the income-to-expense ratio from the income and expense data, which we used to rank 10 provinces through comparative analysis.

Then we scrapped more data on the Cost of Living from NUMBEO for the current year to prepare the affordability index.

Using this index, we ranked 26 Canadian cities based on how cheap or expensive they are.

This is how our content marketing team researched, prepared, and published this outstanding report.

Sadly, I cannot have the link to read it— (but you can get screenshots!)

The research-driven table we prepared for our client.

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How we crafted our content for each affordable city in Canada.

3. Outreach:

Armed with our powerful content, we set off to reach Canadian journalists.

We built a dream list of relevant media professionals, each eager to discover the gem we had to offer. And our expert outreach team pitched the report.

And the result? A thrilling 12+ journalists leaped to cover our content, showering us links and love!


So, you understood how we pulled off this campaign. But what about the results?

Wait, wait. Let me show you one by one.

First, let’s get a quick overview of which media publishers linked to our content—

Domain traffic
Domain traffic

Interesting outcome, isn’t it?

So, with this process, you can also earn high-quality niche-oriented backlinks, including coverage on high DR sites.

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Check what Ahrefs suggest—
Ahref's Report as of 01/08/2023

The result is outstanding, just as our goal. Our targeted Canadian Digital PR campaign delivered outstanding results for our clients in only 6 weeks!

  • Organic Traffic Surge: Witnessed a remarkable increase of over 143k organic visitors to their website.
  • Keyword Domination: Ranked for an impressive 199k new keywords, establishing authority in the finance niche.
  • High-Quality Editorial Backlink: Secured 12+ high-DR backlinks from top Canadian media outlets.

Link juice gathered from this campaign affected their long-hanging targeted keywords, making the client rank in other content too!

So, we have the proof to say that a successful Digital PR campaign can not only earn you high-authority backlinks to increase organic traffic; but it can also give a push to your existing content so that you can rank higher on SERP.

This makes Digital PR Backlinks the most formidable SEO strategy ever!

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Wrapping Up

Our client’s rise to glory through our Canadian Digital PR campaign was a testament to the power of focus, strategy, and creativity. We ignited their brand awareness and organic traffic, transforming them into a force to be reckoned with in the finance blogosphere.

Usually, we target a global audience when we do Digital PR campaigns. We use it to earn our clients editorial backlinks from worldwide accepted publishers such as Forbes, MSN, and BBC.

But this wasn’t possible for this client as they only wanted us to earn them niche-targeted backlinks from Canada.

And working solely for a Canadian market was challenging.

However, nothing could go wrong with my 65+ person team full of experts!

Thank you for reading another success story of OneLittleWeb.

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