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What Are

Digital PR Backlinks?

PR backlinks are one of the best-kept industry secrets that only higher-level brands have access to. 

They’re organic editorial links on top industry websites like TechCrunch, PCMag, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Healthline… You name it.

But here’s the thing: These editorial links are organic, so you gain all the SEO benefits like a spike in authority & traffic. Plus, they also signal stronger trust signals in the eyes of your audience because industry journalists are quoting or mentioning you. 

What is

Organic Growth Strategy?


Organic Growth Strategy is a detailed to-do action plan to increase your organic search traffic. 

The goal of this strategy is simple- improving your website’s ranking to get more revenue from SEO!

In this strategy, you get everything from KPI assessment, competitor analysis, web performance metrics, and a topic cluster to work on. Moreover, you’ll align your content with user intent, find and fix SEO errors, while optimizing every technical aspect of your website.

Continuous optimization through our strategy is extremely crucial to driving more traffic and establishing a prominent brand presence. Plus, you get to experience a tremendous positive change in MRR.I know what you are thinking!

Yes, you can always pay attention to it if you want to make your SaaS successful.

What to expect?

Our Organic Growth Strategy

With our organic growth strategy for SaaS, we improve search engine rankings, attract targeted traffic, and boost conversions. Whether you have an SEO Strategy in place or you’re just getting started – we can help you by doing the following!

Assessment Call

To build a solid strategic roadmap for your organic growth, we will discuss your expectations, KPIs, and competitors in a customized assessment call. This roadmap will help you to understand where you stand in SEO using stats such as benchmarking your current backlink profile.

Competitor Analysis

After the initial assessment, we will prepare a list of your top 10 SEO competitors. The list will include their backlink profiles, keyword gap, and a sketch of plans. Valuable keywords that your competitors currently rank for, but you don’t. Top five keyword opportunities that hold the utmost potential. Top backlinks gap that can lead your website to have more authority.

Setting Goals and KPIs

Upon agreement, we will set realistic SEO growth goals and measurable KPIs tailored for you. In this step, you get a comprehensive to-do list before we set out to explore more.

Content Audit

We will identify your web pages that aren’t performing well, why they are underperforming, and how to fix them. This data-based audit will comprise prominent SEO tools and our team of experts. The highest priority for evaluating your content is its organic traffic.

Run an On-Page SEO Audit

In this step, we will optimize your web for search engines and users. We’ll revise title tags, meta descriptions, headings, internal links, and URLs. The audit will give you a list of all the pages and details of what changes are required to improve.

Building Topic Clusters/Content Gap

We will research your audience’s search intent, search traffic potential, and use it to identify relevant keywords. After putting all the keywords in place, we will list broad topic ideas. From this list, we will create another list of question-based keywords that especially fills your content gap.

Mapping Out Your Pillars and Clusters/Content Plan

When the keyword plan is ready, we’ll prepare an outline of your pillar and topic clusters. We will make a big circle with all your topics (pillars) and smaller circles around it with all the subtopics we’ve uncovered. First, we will fill the gaps with existing content, and then we will go for creating more.

Find and Fix Technical SEO Issues

The easier you make it for search engines to access your content, the better your chances of ranking. We'll address technical SEO issues and optimize your site's structure to improve user experience and search engine visibility.

UX Optimization

We'll assess your website's UI design and make necessary improvements to enhance search engine rankings and user satisfaction. A solid checklist and suggestions for changes will elevate your UI-UX.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Lastly, we'll analyze user behavior, implement effective CTAs, and devise strategies to maximize conversions and lead generation. Improving your website's conversion rate will boost overall organic growth and business success.

Satisfy your Target Audience

Start driving more traffic

Satisfy your audience with a better user experience when surfing through your website. They will reward you by becoming a client! Don’t forget an increased MRR (and more profit). How about we talk now?

Our Customers Experience

Hear what they want to say

Experience Higher ROI and Better Conversion Rate

Benefits of Organic Growth Strategy

Organic Growth is a valuable and high ROI approach for SaaS businesses. It emphasizes understanding the client’s perspective to deliver an enhanced user experience, resulting in increased traffic, leads, and sales through research, analysis, and optimization

What Can This Do for Your Business?

Our clients often enjoy higher visibility and higher conversions, which come with increased trust in their brand. 

If your acquisition channels have been underperforming – it’s likely because of a need for more confidence in your brand. You’re constantly chasing and having to go the extra mile to get customers & convince them you can do what you do. 

We’re here to solve that.  

When your campaign starts, you will get featured in some of the top news outlets globally, and with that comes: 

It’s not uncommon for our clients to suddenly get a spike in collaboration requests or invites to be interviewed on podcasts once the industry hears their story. 

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