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From: Sujan Sarkar
Co-founder, OneLittleWeb

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Finally, you can see a real-life demonstration of how better, faster, WHITEST-HAT-WAY SEO (AKA Digital PR Campaigns) brings amazing results for any business.

3x Forbes

We secured 3x links from Forbes for our client using this strategy.

Particularly, these backlinks were from:

– Forbes Brazil [DO-FOLLOW]
– Forbes Japan [DO-FOLLOW], and

And this didn’t end here!

We earned another 37 editorial backlinks, SEVEN (7) from DR80+ sites!

Our goal was to make a real buzz with our content. And we did it by putting our noses to the grindstone and creating content backed up by the highest-quality research.

This research focused on creating world-class content bound to gather the attention of the world.

Phew, sometimes, I feel like the world is so small…

And it’s true.

With everyone connected together, it’s possible to reach them all WITH THE RIGHT CONTENT.

So, how did we prepare the campaign? Here are your three simple steps:

Step #1: Crafting an Awesome Content

We kicked things off by gathering data for our content. We Googled, googled, and googled to list the top 50 places that people visit all around the world.

Then, we rounded up

  • 65 mouth-watering cuisines from across the globe.
  • Using foursquare api, we tracked down a whopping 82,995 restaurants in those top 50 cities (created in the previous step) that could serve up those delicious 65 cuisines.

We had a much brighter idea for our research. Instagram was our secret tool to figure out which cuisines were the talk of the town. We took a peek at all those relevant hashtags foodies were using to learn what's hot and what’s not.

One by one, we analyzed those cuisines using Instagram hashtags, ranking them based on popularity.

But as we were rolling along, we found extra data that we couldn’t resist adding to our content:

↳ The all-time favorite meal types according to IG hashtags (such as pizza, barbecue, sushi).

↳ The most common restaurants you’ll find in the most visited cities (such as Chinese, American, Thai).

↳ How many restaurants offer each type of cuisine in each city?

↳ Cities where local food isn’t always the top pick (places like Amsterdam, Cairo, and Dubai).

Do you want my team to craft buzz-worthy content for your business?

Focusing on numbers and ignoring quality can get you nowhere. But well-researched content can get you backlinks from the  best websites!

Interesting…? What else?

With all this REAL data, our content team worked keyboard-to-keyboard with data analysts to create an eye-catching report.

We whipped up some attractive infographics to make the report even more interesting – perfect for turning it into a fantastic blog post.

By now, our content had that extra edge of in-depth research. So, we hit that publish button with pride.

Step #2: Round Up Those Leads

The next step was all about finding the right journalists to pitch our content. We sourced top-notch journalists who cover food, cuisines, travel, and everything in between. We used tools like Muck Rack to track them down.

And boy, let me tell you, gathering all that info, even with fancy tools, took some serious time!

Step #3: Let the Outreach Begin

We had to get creative with our pitches. In fact, we cooked up multiple pitches from different angles to catch those journalists' attention. We launched an outreach campaign using Lemlist and crossed our fingers for something fruitful!

And guess what? Within a few days, the magic started happening. Here’s the lowdown on the fantastic editorial backlinks we scored:

I’ve listed all the notable links down this page for you to see how awesome a successful Digital PR Campaign looks like!

So you know now…

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In digital PR campaigns, we leverage PR tactics in outreach to secure these editorial backlinks of the highest quality in the world.

And all of these are done–

without paying for the links,

without spammy outreach,

without usingblack hat tactics.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope you enjoy the eBook!

Let me know.

Sujan Sarkar

P.S: Here are the OTHER High-Quality BACKLINKS we SECURED:

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Want my 1:1 advice to scale your organic growth?

Book a meeting with us for a free consultation on what type of campaign best suits your brand. Click the button below to get started.


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