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Digital Sales Executive

If you are looking to jump-start your career with a truly global Digital Marketing Agency, this job post is for you.

OneLittleWeb Ltd. is a global powerhouse for many e-commerce giants, digital marketers, and SEO celebrities from all around the globe.

And we are looking for an Executive in our Client Communication team, who would deliberately blend in with this group of SEO think tanks to help them succeed in their SEO journey.

Now, how would you know if you are just the guy for this job? Read through the list below, and if you got a tick beside all of them, we are looking for you.

Job Responsibilities


We are looking for “Talent” and “Expertise”, not “Educational Background”. So, if you think you are confident enough to take the challenges of an “Digital Sales Executive”, we are waiting for you.

Compensation and Benefits

Now, you probably realized we are not looking for someone who is exceptionally talented. Rather we need a member in our family, who is READY TO GIVE ALL IN to make sure our clients are HAPPY!

If you believe that you are the one we are looking for, please help us to know a bit about yourself.

We will reach out only if we are convinced!

**Disclaimer: As we are a truly global company, our clients are based in the other parts of the world, where they work when most of us in Bangladesh are asleep. But as you are going to be a part of the sales team, please bear in mind that you might need to work during the odd hours depending on the business requirements. Flexible work schedules will be applied in such cases.

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